Sep 21, 2021 11:28:50 AM
Emmy success for HARDER THAN YOU THINK
Emmy success for HARDER THAN YOU THINK

We want to congratulate our client HARDER THAN YOU THINK on winning not one but two prestigious Sports Emmy Awards for their brilliant documentary Rising Phoenix! Featuring nine Paralympians from across the world, the documentary offers an insightful examination of how the Paralympic Games impacts our global understanding of disability, diversity and excellence. Greg Nugent adds: 
“Rising Phoenix marks the start of an incredible story that we will help tell over the next decade, not of what people cannot do, but what we are all capable of. We are truly honoured by the Emmys and dedicate these wins to every one of the brilliant athletes who will travel to Tokyo this summer and make it the most important Paralympics in history.” 
You can read more about their Emmy success and the documentary itself here or watch it on Netflix now.

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