Sep 21, 2021 11:32:40 AM
Stobbs and INCOPRO join forces to help brands protect their IP online
Stobbs and INCOPRO join forces to help brands protect their IP online

INCOPRO, the online brand protection specialist, has completed a licence and collaboration agreement with Stobbs. Stobbs are licensing INCOPRO’s TALISMAN technology, to provide brands with insight into the scope of online infringements.

By employing INCOPRO’s TALISMAN platform, Stobbs will on behalf of our clients be able to continuously monitor websites, social media, marketplaces and apps for IP infringements and analyse the data in real time to determine where action needs to be taken. Stobbs will also be able to track the online activity of commercial counterfeiters, who often promote goods on social media and sell through multiple marketplace-style platforms and websites.

INCOPRO's technology tracks and connects networks of offenders to enable the comprehensive takedown of all associated operations. Through a combination of cutting edge technology and use of our own and INCOPRO’s multilingual legal and enforcement experts, Stobbs' clients will benefit from INCOPRO’s connected and actionable insights into IP infringements online.

Julius Stobbs, Principal at Stobbs, says: “We’re really excited to be employing INCOPRO’s TALISMAN technology to enhance our existing IP protection services. In recent years, we have seen rising demand for advanced solutions to tackle online IP infringements, and INCOPRO’s unique TALISMAN software was the obvious answer for us. We’re certain that this technology will allow us to provide a more complete solution to IP protection for our clients.”

Simon Baggs, CEO at INCOPRO, says: “We are thrilled to be working with Stobbs IP, which we believe is one of the most innovative IP law firms in the UK. This agreement presents both parties with new and exciting opportunities, but ultimately it will enable more brands to understand the landscape of the online infringements they face and to be able to act against counterfeiters.”

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