IAM Stobbs
In 2013, Stobbs was launched with the aim of providing the best brand services and functions in the industry. We wanted to offer something different, something more practical and less obviously legal, compared to that which was already available in the profession. Our approach since inception has been to adopt a holistic and strategic approach, an imaginative and practical application of law, to enable creativity and commercial success for our clients.

Six years on, Stobbs continues to thrive. We have been nominated for and won multiple awards (see our Origin Story for full details! https://www.iamstobbs.com/story#origin), and recognised in key industry accreditations. Our offerings and our team continue to grow and develop.

We are extremely proud of what we have achieved, with one of the key drivers behind our success being our commitment to providing the highest quality legal service, a service that doesn’t break the bank. Our service is unique - we view issues through a commercial rather than legal lens, blending IP expertise with a knowledge of business, a passion for brands and a practical approach to problem solving.

It’s not just our approach to providing a legal service which makes us unique, but also the broad range of functions we offer. These include: Anti-counterfeiting, Brand Intelligence, Brand Licensing, Commercial Contracts, Designs and Copyright, Disputes, Domains, Litigation, Online Brand Enforcement, Trade Marks and Valuation. This breadth of functions allows us to provide an even better level of service to our clients.

However, the functions we provide are broader than just ‘IP services’, ‘Trade Mark Attorney services’ or ‘Solicitor services’ or any other terms or categorisations that are currently used within the profession. Therein lies the problem. There is no term currently used by the profession that fully and properly encompasses what we do here at Stobbs and the functions we provide.

This changes with IAM Stobbs.

We decided that rather than trying to fit into already defined categories within the profession that do not speak to exactly what we do, the functions we offer and the approach we take, we would pioneer our own. This gave birth to Intangible Asset Management (IAM). IAM epitomises the breadth of our functions and services – we work with all of the intangible aspects of brands, helping our clients to protect, exploit and enforce their brands in an entirely unique way. IAM Stobbs is our re-categorisation, our re-definition of the profession groupings in a whole new way and, like many of our activities at Stobbs, is something that has not been done before.

We are excited for the future of Stobbs as we continue to grow and develop. We see IAM Stobbs as a game changer and cannot wait to share more updates with you in the near future.

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