Dec 2, 2021 1:43:08 PM
Casefest returns...
Casefest returns...

Congratulations to our (positively glowing) winners of Casefest!

We created Casefest to provide our own version of case-based training at Stobbs. As we get bigger as a firm, and with more people working remotely/ split across offices, we wanted to find a way to run sessions that were engaging that everyone could actively participate in. Enter, Casefest. Our plan is to create enjoyable, informative (and ever so gently theatrical) sessions to support the development of our Attorney and Solicitor teams.

We want our squads to really interrogate the cases and extract all the lessons from each one, and to offer the opportunity for them to develop competencies like Technical expertise, Oral and Written Communication, Teamwork and Task Management along the way too. We also want to bring the element of friendly competition and challenge – it is Stobbs, after all…

casefest pic 1

casefest pic 2


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