Sep 21, 2021 11:35:59 AM
Stobbs' Summer Seminar: Social Media – Interaction with brands
Stobbs' Summer Seminar: Social Media – Interaction with brands

Our thanks to all who attended our annual summer seminar yesterday in London and made the event great fun for all.

We were lucky enough to have guests from a diverse array of industry areas and backgrounds join us as we considered the increasing relevance of social media to brand owners and the IP issues that it raises.

Our speakers included:

  • David Wood (London based branding agency Heavenly) who gave us a refreshing outline on creative ways that brands can use social media;
  • Richard Ferguson (Stobbs IP) who gave us a comprehensive outline on the legal mechanisms that are available to tackle IP infringements on social media;
  • Tom Hussey (General Counsel for Ted Baker) who gave us an in-house perspective on their brand’s approach to social media; and
  • Carrie Bradley (Stobbs IP) who set out 5 hot topics relating to IP issues in social media, including hashtags, false usernames, copyright issues, celebrity endorsements and emojis.

We hold talks, presentations and seminars throughout the year, so if you missed this event, we hope to see you at our next event!  For more information on this and future events, please email us at

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