Feb 10, 2023 3:29:37 PM
Stobbs shout-outs in World Trademark Review 1000 2023
Stobbs shout-outs in World Trademark Review 1000 2023

WTR 1000 - the World's Leading Trademark Professionals - is a guide that identifies the top trademark professionals and firms around the world.

Across a four-month period, their team of full-time analysts scrutinise the trademark legal services market to identify the individuals and firms that are considered to be outstanding. To do so, factors such as depth of expertise, market presence and the level of work on which they are typically instructed are all taken into account, alongside positive peer and client feedback.

A Stobbs-centric summary of all of our feedback is as follows...


Stobbs rankings

Gold for Prosecution and Strategy

Silver for Enforcement and Litigation

Recommended for Transactions

“The practitioners deliver an excellent, timely service and are particularly good at devising creative solutions to novel problems. Their fees are extremely competitive, and the diverse cultural, linguistic and educational backgrounds within the team mean they are able to cope very well with complex international matters.”


Recommended individuals


Caspar Rebling

“Caspar provides exceptional brand management and enforcement support. He has a high level of legal expertise, great experience, flexibility and exemplary responsiveness.”


Enforcement and litigation

Julius Stobbs (silver)

“Julius is the go-to attorney for practical, no-nonsense advice. Not only is he very responsive, he is incredibly smart, commercially pragmatic and so knowledgeable about IP law.”

Chris Sleep (bronze)

“Chris is able to get himself up to speed with a case extremely quickly and provides practical, business-focused advice. He understands IP enforcement intuitively and is able to achieve fantastic results for his clients.”

Geoff Steward (bronze)

"Steward is a trial lawyer with over 25 years of experience representing top brands, including Mars, Capri Sun and Liverpool FC."


Prosecution and strategy

Julius Stobbs (gold)

Claire Breheny (bronze)

“Claire has excellent technical knowledge and is able to clearly explain complex information into practical and applicable advice for global businesses. She is commercial, diligent, trustworthy, personable and a pleasure to work with.”

Emma Pettipher (bronze)

“Emma provides nuanced and strategic advice on trademark diligence and protection matters for some of her clients’ most important brands.”

Harpreet Dhaliwhal (bronze)

"Dhaliwal’s commercial approach is gratefully received by her patrons"

Jessica Wolff (bronze)

"Wolff is at her best when handling trademark cases that intersect with other forms of intellectual property"

Louise Goodsell (bronze)

"Goodsell is well versed in managing a range of contentious briefs"

Victoria Leach (bronze)

"Leach excels in advising brands in the retail sector"




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