Mar 16, 2023 5:14:58 PM
Stobbs to host an event that takes a deep-dive into 'Lookalikes: The Psychology, The Scale and The Solution'
Stobbs to host an event that takes a deep-dive into 'Lookalikes: The Psychology, The Scale and The Solution'

Lookalikes represent a very significant challenge to brand owners. In the UK alone, we know lookalikes to be a multi-billion-pound industry, and it’s a core part of some supermarkets’ business model.

At Stobbs, our purpose is to stand alongside brand owners, supporting them to maximise and protect their highest value asset – their brand portfolio. We want to equip UK brand owners so that they can fight back against lookalikes and claim the value that is justifiably theirs.

If your role involves battling against lookalikes – as part of an in-house legal, marketing or finance team – then please register your interest here to join us at 3pm on Thursday 20th April, at The Curzon Cinema, Bloomsbury for a deep-dive into Lookalikes: The Psychology, The Scale and The Solution.


The Psychology of Lookalikes – Steve Martin (Chief Executive Officer, Influence at Work, & Faculty Director of Behavioral Science, Columbia Business School (Exec.Ed.) 

Steve will review the findings from the first comprehensive study of all available behavioural psychology consumer research applied to lookalikes. In particular, how lookalikes impact consumers and why it explains their prevalence and success.


The Scale of Lookalikes – Bryn Anderson (Director & Brand Practice Lead, Valuation Consulting)

Bryn will look at the full financial impact that lookalikes have on brand owners. He’ll go beyond the immediate hit on top-line sales and market share, and explore the other hidden factors that compromise the balance-sheet value of the brand – revealing the true scale of the impact that lookalikes have on original brands.


The Solution to Lookalikes – Geoff Steward (IA Director & Head of Litigation, Stobbs)

We will discuss the legal implications of the behavioural science research – how the situational and psychological context of the consumer should be considered, and what truly drives brand recognition in the eyes of the consumer. We will also explore how lookalikes can be defeated – in terms of protecting brands, designs and packaging, and how to go about enforcing these rights.


Group discussion – John Noble (Director, British Brands Group)

 The “parasitic packaging” agenda has been front and centre for the British Brands Group for many years now. John will respond to the findings on behalf of the Group, and will open the floor to the audience and their questions for all the speakers.


After the formal sessions, please join us to decompress over drinks, reflect on the sessions with fellow brand owners and to speak to the presenters and researchers directly.

 We look forward to seeing you on Thursday 20th April. Please register your interest here.

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