February 21, 2019
009 – Licence to Brexit
009 – Licence to Brexit
The UKIPO have announced the numbering system it will use when creating the UK version of existing EUTMs in the event of a no-deal UK exit from the EU.

Currently the plan is that right holders with an existing EUTM will have a new UK equivalent right granted that will come into force at the point the UK exits the EU. The announcement today explains that in order to identify these equivalent (now called comparable) UK rights and distinguish them from existing UK trade marks the number allocated to the comparable mark will be the last 8 digits of the EUTM prefixed with UK009. For example, existing EUTM 000251918 (EUTM for JAMES BOND) will be numbered UK00900251918. So 009 will (assuming no-deal) be the number to look out for in the future when looking for previous EUTM rights on the UK register. This of course is a minor technical point and the ultimate position for trade mark owners must wait until the “Spectre” of Brexit is laid to rest.

If you have any questions on the impact of Brexit on your trade marks or brands please do contact us.
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