May 29, 2015
Africa: Counterfeits Outnumber Genuine Brands
Africa: Counterfeits Outnumber Genuine Brands
The first survey into electrical product counterfeiting in Africa reveals some worrying statics for brand owners operating on the continent. With 40 – 80% of the most popular electrical components being counterfeit, it is clear that brand owners face a sizeable task in addressing the issue. The figures themselves are a cause for concern, but so are the PR issues stemming from being associated with faulty counterfeits, with power breakers and sockets some of the most popularly copied products. The positive upshot of this survey is that brand owners are now able to tackle the problem on an informed basis. Customs watches both across Africa and further afield (China and other Asian countries being prolific contributors) will prove invaluable in addressing the issue. International electrical brands may also wish to reconsider their trade mark filing strategies based on this new evidence, whilst African-based electrical brands should consider taking advantage of OAPI’s recent accession to the Madrid System. Raising public awareness through advertising campaigns is another way for brands to begin to fight back.
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