July 5, 2017
British IP Day: 5 July
British IP Day: 5 July
Today marks the second annual British IP Day, a celebration of all things IP-related to come out of Blighty, spearheaded by the Alliance for Intellectual Property. To celebrate, the Alliance is hosting a drop-in event in the House of Commons for creatives to meet with their Member of Parliament.

Another day, another ‘Day’, some cynics might say. Naysayers aside, there’s good reason to celebrate, including the UK’s #2 ranking for global IP enforcement ( here), the continued growth of the cost-effective Intellectual Property Enterprise Court ( here) and the ability of a common law system to adapt to ever-changing IP issues ( here).

For those interested in the Alliance you can find out more here. For those still to be convinced, there’s a bit more information on some of the benefits here and here.

One thing that’s clear is that whatever happens post-Brexit, Britain is well equipped to continue to deal with whatever new global challenges the world of IP throws at it.

Stobbs wishes all of its clients and fellow British IP colleagues a happy IP Day.

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