September 16, 2019

Last week we were joined by Timberlina, a self-proclaimed ecologically conscious bearded drag lady.  Her mission was to encourage us to be more environmentally aware and challenge us to make our own eco-friendly cleaning products to gift to one another.   

We went to work and crafted some products that would definitely strip the surfaces of your kitchen!   

Not only that, we were also asked to have a go at writing a poem to accompany our new eco-friendly germ busting weapon!  We had everything from sonnets to Haiku, the likes of which would have made T.S. Eliot proud.  We would like to share one of them with you, written by one of our Stobbs Cup Teams, Stobbs XX Don’t ask Y.  We think it’s a winner.  

Just like a mother looks after baby and home,

Unlike her, mother nature does it alone.

Disposing plastic in water makes sea life cry,

We can turn it around if we as one try.

Blanket of pollution is all around,

Use this natural product to be unbound.

We wanted the fruit and veg to be bigger,

But for the animals you are pulling the trigger.

You use chemical products to get the job done,

But use this eco-friendly alternative and get both battles won.

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