June 22, 2021
London Fashion Week: our personal highlights
London Fashion Week: our personal highlights

It�s been a week since London Fashion Week closed, and we've had time to reflect on a truly wonderful event.  There were so many highlights, from the gender-neutral collections, to the theme of sustainability, but our personal favourites are:


Bethany Williams: All Our Stories.


Short and sweet, this 1:42 minute video gave us goosebumps.  The poetic words, accompanied by a colourful collection of clothing, gave us a homemade family video vibe, which was exactly what we needed to see. The collection itself is stunning, and we are obviously massive fans.  The opening phrase 'she still wears stories passed down to her by her mother' reminded us of the hand-me-down clothing passed on and repurposed by generations, which is lost in the fast fashion world we seem to be living in now.  


Jordan Luca SS22 collection


This collection was amazing to watch.  Everything from the backdrop, to the music, to the clothing, to the chunky clogs.  We were fixated.  The contrast between the piled up cars and perfectly tailored outfits was perfect.  London Fashion Week notes the collection as having a theme of  'British movements: skinheads, postage stamps, bunting, memorabilia, and crucially, pride' and that is exactly what it delivered. We have also listened to the song Black Lights of the M6 a billion times.


Generation Rewear - a production by Vanish and the British Fashion Council


Generation Rewear had us downloading second-hand clothing apps whilst watching it.  This video was honestly inspiring.  Listening to all the designers, bloggers and fashionistas talking about the future of clothing and the way people have thought of genius ways to stop/slow down the fast fashion environment was humbling.  We found out information about brands and apps we didn't even know existed.  This is a video we will be re-watching again and again.


Reuben Selby 


We welcomed back live audience fashion shows!  Reuben Shelby closed Friday with an in-person runway event, showing off his SS22 CLASH. We love everything about this collection, the fits, the shapes and the colour palette.  Watching the models on the runway gave us a glimpse at fashion normality, and we were glad to see it unfold.


Ben Sherman x Team GB


Of course, we need to mention Ben Sherman's collaboration with Team GB, ready for the Olympics. This sophisticated collection screamed Ben Sherman - the tailored trousers, fitted collared t-shirts, and sports jackets.  Everything about this collection was on point for the fashion/sport collab.


Needless to say, we are excited for the next fashion week!



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