August 10, 2015
New UDRP Rules
New UDRP Rules
ICANN has published new UDRP Rules, which went into effect 31 July 2015. The 1 March 2010 UDRP Rules will still apply to UDRP complaints submitted before this date. One of the important changes under the new rules is that the complainant no longer needs to serve the complaint on the domain name registrant at the time when the complaint is filed. Indeed, the complainant now only needs to file the complaint with the dispute resolution provider. The dispute resolution provider then sends a request to the registrar for the domain name to be locked. It is only after the provider receives confirmation that the lock is in place that it is then formally required to serve the complaint on the respondent. This change will no doubt assist in the prevention of a respondent’s cyberflight before the UDRP proceedings even commence. Stobbs can provide strategic advice around domain names as well as filing and defending UDRP complaints.
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