October 15, 2019
Sports….. we’re climbing the league table!
Sports….. we’re climbing the league table!

IT’S A GOOOAALLLL!!!!  1-0 to Stobbs and the crowd goes wild!

Ok, so we haven’t changed path and become a football team, but Legal 500 have placed us in Tier 2 for Sport in 2020, and that’s a result!

It is not just football that we have been scoring in; we are also delivering in the world of cricket, snooker, boxing, golf, formula one and other motorsports. 

Just as in the sports themselves, the stakes are high, timing has to be right and every competitive advantage needs to be explored and exploited. This is where our breadth of functions makes us such a good teammate to have.

We have a locker full of expertise, ranging from litigation to brand management, anti-counterfeiting to brand licensing, online brand enforcement to brand intelligence.  A list of everything you need is here.

We want to become the world’s leading brand advisory company – top of the IP Champions League!  We know that to achieve this, we can’t just focus on answering legal questions.  That’s why we started Intangible Asset Management (IAM), because we realised the world of trademarking and IP needed a reboot.  Look at the full range of what makes up IAM here.

A special mention to our teammates that received an acknowledgement in the review; Geoff Steward, Julius Stobbs and Richard Ferguson.

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