August 11, 2017
Thailand Joins the International Trade Mark System
Thailand Joins the International Trade Mark System
Following on from our previous post, Stobbs is pleased to note that Thailand has recently deposited its instrument of accession to the Madrid Protocol with the World Intellectual Property Organization. This means that on 7 November 2017, Thailand will become the 99 th country to become part of the Madrid System. Information about Thailand’s laws and practices will soon be available on WIPO’s Member Profiles Database (see here).

This is welcome news for all those interested in trade mark protection in the South East Asian region, especially as Brunei Darussalam and Lao People’s Democratic Republic also joined in the last couple of years.

The Madrid System is a cost effective and administratively efficient process that allows an applicant to apply for a trade mark in various countries by filing one international application. It offers increasing opportunities for brand owners of all sizes and industry sectors to develop and protect their trade marks in global markets.

For any brand owners interested in securing multi-national trade mark protection, the Madrid System should be considered when devising a filing program. Stobbs can assist with all aspects of strategic and cost effective advice relating to international filings, global brand expansion plans and enforcement.  Do not hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance.
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