May 14, 2015
The Shape of Things to Come
The Shape of Things to Come
There have been many articles discussing the impact that 3D printing will have on the world of IP and the associated issues relating to copyright, trade marks , trade dress and ownership. Issues around trade mark ‘use’, however, have not been addressed in the same level of detail, if considered at all. Cody Wilson’s recent challenge (posted 6 May @Radomysisky)  against the U.S State Department brings this issue back into the Twittersphere, and serves as a reminder that the U.S State Department are treating the posting of a 3D-printable file to a website as constituting an ‘export’. The impact of a similar finding in a future case relating to the use of a trade mark would surely have a significant impact both on the liability of individuals using this technology and how brand owners approach the issue of using, enforcing and maintaining their rights on a global scale.
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