May 12, 2015
Top Filers in the Hague System
Top Filers in the Hague System
The Hague System for the International Registration of Industrial Designs provides a practical business solution for registering up to 100 designs in dozens of countries around the world through filing one single international application. One of the major advantages of the Hague System is the centralized subsequent management, such as renewals and modifications, of the international registration. The 2015 Hague Yearly Review lists a somewhat unassuming list of top filers in the Hague system, dominated by the Swiss and the Germans. This is not surprising, given that the majority of Hague members are located in Europe. However, with USA and Japan joining the Hague System, perhaps more designers should consider using the Hague System for a more efficient design filing process and potential cost savings. Stobbs can provide advice regarding your design issues, including filings through the Hague System.
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