December 9, 2016
Whatever Happened To Advertising? - Radio 4
Whatever Happened To Advertising? - Radio 4
Radio 4’s 'In Business' programme last night (listen here) offered a very interesting insight into cutting-edge marketing and how brands are dealing with and embracing new media and technology and its pros and cons. There was plenty of discussion of the impact of new online media, including social media and social influencers, and how advertisers are adapting to the digital age and the possibilities afforded by real-time marketing.  Who knew that last year the UK became the first place where spending on digital advertising exceeded that on all other forms of advertising combined?

I loved the image of BMW’s marketeers sitting in front big screens in a digital “war room” watching and monitoring the metrics on their brand being talked about as their ads, tweets and videos featuring their social influencers rack up views around the world – all in real time!
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