Brand Extension

Unleash the value of your ideas

Licensing your brand puts your most valuable asset to work - and it can deliver low-cost, high margin revenue for the long-term. With Stobbs’ commercial understanding and legal expertise on your side, licensing your IP is made easy.

We understand that building and maintaining in-house licensee management capacity takes a lot of time and a lot of money. The answer is external expertise.

But simply putting your brand in the hands of an agent reduces your royalty revenue - and agents may not always have your brand’s best interests at heart. So, we’ve built a better way - a brand extension service that puts your brand first.


We give you access to senior-level expertise when you need it – and only when you need it.

We develop licensing strategies that are 100% aligned with your brand strategy.

We make sure that legal, marketing and licensing teams all pull in the same direction.

And we have a flexible cost model that works for everything from one-off projects to long-term partnerships.



When it’s time to start unlocking your brand’s value, talk to us about:

Readiness Reviews

Our workshop sessions, feasibility studies and brand expertise help you understand whether your brand is ready for licensing.

Strategies for Success

Brand understanding and legal expertise combine to develop a licensing approach that’s 100% aligned with your brand strategy. We work with you to define your commercial and reputational goals, prepare your licensing strategy and draft your template agreements.

Management Made Easy

We help you choose the right agent and manage the onboarding process to make sure your brand’s interests are always front-and-centre. And then, we take care of the day-to-day agency management for you.


When you’re ready to start making your licensing work harder, talk to us about:

Review and Reset

We review your licensing strategy and your existing licensee and agent relationships. Then we work with you to refresh and reset your strategy around your brand objectives.

New Business

Our brand experts help you stretch your IP - without diluting your brand. We develop new market, category and channel strategies, identify and evaluate new licensing opportunities and negotiate new agreements for your brand.



There’s room for improvement in every licensing programme. Talk to us about:

Programme Review

We review your strategy, meet with licensees and recommend enhancements that deliver the right commercial benefit for your brand. We’re also here to support you through regular financial reviews and audits.


Sometimes things don’t go smoothly. If royalty collection isn’t working, products aren’t performing or you have a licensee problem, we can help you identify and fix specific issues. Quickly, creatively, expertly.


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