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Skilled investigators and IP experts on your side

Enforcement without evidence. It’s impossible. If you can’t find who’s responsible, you can’t put your enforcement plans in motion.

Counterfeiting, impersonation and trademark infringements put your brand at risk. Financial scammers threaten the bottom line. Online fraudsters hurt your customers and damage your reputation.

Brand Intelligence 4x

Straight up security and intelligence

We know one size doesn’t fit all, so we prioritise resources to fit your budget. We offer a range of approaches – from physical to virtual / digital surveillance and at different levels of sophistication...

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With Stobbs, you get your own virtual intelligence officer. To gather the evidence you need to enforce your IP rights, we’ve built our own expert team of IP specialists and experienced investigators.


Our investigators are experienced ex-law enforcement professionals specialising in surveillance and cyber crime. This capability represents government-grade intelligence from the street corners to the dark web.


They speak the right language and follow the right procedures. Our technical experts know their way around the darkest corners of the dark web.


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Brand Intelligence 4x