Brand Structuring

Create strong foundations to maximise your IP

Getting your business in shape to make the most of your IP can be a tough nut to crack.

Organisations grow organically, but it can result in disjointed IP ownership:


  • Who owns what?
  • What should the ownership structure be?
  • How should this change as the business develops?
  • How do you deliver these changes?
  • What are the commercial and operational risks?


But understand this is essential if you want to make the most of your revenue opportunities.  

Brand Structuring
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Increased company value

More investment opportunities

For those capitalising their brands, better exit opportunities





Brand Structuring done right

With Stobbs, you can expect all this and more. We apply our strategic brand expertise to your commercial challenge and help you deploy your resources to get the most from your IP.

Licensing, franchising, securitisation, IP sales, outsourcing. We’ve got it all covered. Tailored thinking that works for your business and your brand.

We help you identify risks that might affect your brand’s value and plan for new shareholders.

Whilst we’re not tax specialists, we can arrange advice to input into the commercial considerations of a project.


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Brand Structuring