Brand Valuation

Know your worth and make better decisions.

What’s your brand worth?

You may only find out when an acquisition or tax review is on the horizon. If that’s the case, like many brand owners, you’re missing out on vital business intelligence.

Monitoring and measuring the value of your brand helps you make better decisions.

  • You can monitor the return on your marketing and protection investment.
  • You can make the case for investment in intangible assets.
  • You can put your approach to licensing on a firm footing.
  • You can raise equity and debt funding.
Brand Valuation
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Our approach

At Stobbs, we make brand valuation straightforward. And rigorous.

We get the facts straight. We do the due diligence that lets us identify and pin down your brand assets.

Our approach is structured and holistic. By breaking down all aspects of brand value - from financials, media / PR, competitive landscape to IP protection, uniqueness and distinctive character – we bring certainty to the intangible.

Thriving in the grey but always speaking in black and white.






Our focus

Our specialist team of qualified forensic accountants and financial experts is purely focussed on valuation. 

This capability makes Stobbs Brand valuation

  • Extremely credible as an expert witness
  • More accessible and more cost-effective than traditional Big-4 firms


We tailor our valuations based on your audience and situation

  • Guidance for internal prioritisation
  • Acquisitions
  • HMRC or tax planning


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Brand Valuation