Domains, trademarks and brand. All aligned and in step. 

Domains should be straightforward- they are cheap and easy to register. 

But without strict management, you risk unchecked proliferation and a host of resulting issues.

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Domain Hazards

  • Individually they are cheap, but what if you have 100, or 1000 or 10,000 domains? 
  • Are domains a key strategic tool for the business, or just another form of IP?
  • What part do they play in an overall brand strategy?
  • An individual creates a domain for the company, but often when that individual exits, any active management of that domain is lost
  • Internal conflict about who has responsibility for what?
  • Domains become valuable, and disputes become important

As a result, companies do not have a full picture even of what they own, let alone what domains are owned by third parties that might conflict with the brand. 

Cost-effective. Consistent. Practical.

We can conduct an audit as part of helping you to develop a strategy. What you own. What you should own. But we can also look at the landscape- who else owns what and what should we and can we do about it?

We are not a domain registrar, but we provide white labeled access to a domain platform through our client systems. So you can register domains, manage your portfolio and run reports- all in one place. 

Instant results

A consistent strategy yields instant results.

Pinning down exactly what domains are owned by any given organisation. Aligning with the brand and trade mark strategy- clearly understanding what should be registered and where.

Understanding what part domains play in the overall strategy yields immediate cost benefits from a renewals perspective as well as better information management.

Problems solved

We have a range of monitoring options, as a standalone option or as part of a wider online brand enforcement approach.

We advise with your brand in mind. What to register. How to manage. How to defend. And if someone starts to tread on your toes, we're on your side. Whether that's through URS domain complaints, an anonymous approach or a commercial negotiation. 



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