Apr 10, 2024 5:26:52 PM
Stobbs to host 'Trade marks 2024: the reputation edit'
Stobbs to host 'Trade marks 2024: the reputation edit'
The last 12 months have seen a series of legal cases and technological developments that impact on reputation. In a new dedicated session, we will discuss what we’ve learnt along the way and how we can support you in navigating your brands through this changing landscape.
Julius Stobbs (Founder)
Reputation in Trade Mark Registry Proceedings
  • An overview of key cases and implications for brand owners
Geoff Steward (IA Director and Head of Litigation)
Weaponising the enforcement of trade marks with reputation
  • The extra enforcement weapons available for trade marks with reputation, and why it should be “wonderful everyday” for IKEA’s well known mark.
Rebecca Newman (IA Manager and AI-Lead)
The impact of AI on Reputation
  • Key themes on AI-led copyright issues affecting brands and artists

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