June 28, 2024
CITMA Article- How are landmarks protected by intellectual property rights?
CITMA Article- How are landmarks protected by intellectual property rights?

Whether it’s Big Ben or the Eiffel Tower, taking and sharing photos of landmarks is far from unusual. However, did you know that the appearance of landmarks can be protected with IP rights?

Trade marks are useful for protecting a name or nickname of a building, as well as spin-off goods such as scale model buildings and merchandise, especially if the place attracts tourists. A trade mark registration can be protected indefinitely, and can be enforced for as long as the building itself exists.

Due to the limited length of protection, registered and unregistered design rights are typically used for protecting seasonal products.

Since historic and artistic buildings and landmarks have the potential to stand the test of time, copyright protection is better suited to protect the intellectual creation and design in the work. Since an author/ owner does not apply for copyright protection, it is imperative to keep all records of how, when, and by whom the design of a building or landmark came to fruition.

In an article for CITMA, Monica Ézsiás sets out the various forms of protection in the UK which are relevant to landmarks, and the circumstances in which the public are permitted to take and share photos and videos. You can read the full article here.

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