June 24, 2015
Litigation Funding – Crowdfunding
Litigation Funding – Crowdfunding
Earlier this year the Law Gazette highlighted the interesting issue of crowdfunding to finance commercial litigation. Crowdfunding is a relatively recent phenomenon of the internet which, in its most innovative aspects, is disrupting traditional forms of raising finance and revolutionising access and connections between those who need money and those interested in lending or investing. One such is CrowdJustice. As trade mark attorneys, we are more used to encountering crowdfunding at the beginning of a trade mark story in the form of the way our new small client was able to “start-up” but it may eventually also be a potential option at the other end in terms of the enforcement of IP rights. As the article points out, whilst there are still obstacles to commercial litigation – both regulatory and perhaps ethical – this is an intriguing development.
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