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Stobbs is a brands focussed firm – we are very good at what we do. The considerations in tech and the protection of tech are very different. Rather than giving you anything other than the best, when it comes to patents, we’re proud to partner with EIP.

Together, we deliver a seamless, consolidated IP service.


Exploit your invention

Patents give you the exclusive right to exploit your invention. Or if you prefer, the ability to grant that right to someone else through a license. Your choice.

Our partnership with EIP gives you access to:

  • Intelligent patent strategies that work for your ideas and your business
  • Bespoke training to help SMEs grow their portfolios and identify opportunities and risks
  • Coordinated prosecution with litigation teams

Power of the partnership

Best for brands, the best for patents. 

With the collaboration of EIP with Stobbs, clients have the combination of the best brand advisory firm and the best patent firm.

In 2020, EIP received MIP’s award for UK Firm of the Year for patent litigation – for the fourth year in a row.

Their multidisciplinary teams combine patent lawyers and litigators, and with 200 professionals practising in 6 offices in the US and Europe, the EIP global reach is at your fingertips.

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