Intangible Asset Management made simple

We believe that Intangible Asset Management should be straightforward and accessible. So when it comes to systems and tools, we keep things on the straight and narrow.

We make sure that the tools we use are always the right ones for the task at hand. And when we realized that these tools weren’t available, we decided to make them ourselves.


Bringing big-data analytics to TM portfolio management

Our clients told us they wanted real-time information to help them identify gaps in their IP portfolios and conduct non-use analysis. So we created iaidō.

iaidō provides data analytics to brand-owners who want to track the effectiveness of their trademark portfolio. It brings innovative AI into the world of IP, automating processes and connecting clients with strategic brand expertise at the right time.

Which means iaidō improves the scope and value of your brand and its intangible assets by giving you an instant picture of your IP performance together with practical, actionable insights.

Explore iaidō here.


Docket/ data and case management

Whilst there are many tools on the open market for law and IP case management, none of them meet the requirements for great trademark management. So we made our own.

/iambic/ is our proprietary docket, data and case management system. It’s been conceived from Stobbs the belief on how things should work. It grows with us, always keeping us in step with our clients’ needs.

Explore /iambic/ here.

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