Strategy first, Straight up IP

Without strategy, there's no clarity. It’s hard to know what to prioritise. What to own. How to protect what is owned.

At Stobbs, we advise in a strategic and holistic way. We ensure your trademark strategy and your brand strategy are always in step. And if you don’t have a brand strategy, then we will create one with you.



One firm, Global reach

We’re a UK-based firm, but we curate a group of experts around the globe – experts in their field and locality, but who work the same way we do.

This is the Stobbs Global Network – a strategic advantage vs. any other firm in our space that allows us to deliver the volume of international TM work. 

Our approach is to take fundamental accountability for our clients' brands. We don't just pass on advice/ be a post-box for foreign attorneys, we ensure the strategic approach, challenge the local teams, get second opinions if required, and actively manage costs. 



Our expertise and the volume of international TM work we handle allows us to stand out in this space.


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We don’t do renewals like anyone else. Your dedicated attorney team provides thoughtful advice informed by an agreed Trademark strategy.  

To renew or not to renew? We consider the strategy and talk through the options with you. And if you decide not to renew any marks, there’s no cost.

Searching and clearances

We align search with your brand strategy, wherever you need to be. With fast delivery and no dependency on external suppliers, costs are controlled and bespoke packages are easy to create.


We keep our eyes open. We see problems before they come your way.

Our strategic approach lets us identify your overarching concerns and agree an approach that works for your brand.

Together, we agree the brand list for watch coverage and get to work. Reports and recommendations are reviewed monthly. We manage the costs and the admin of all agreed actions.

The Stobbs Difference



We’re commercially minded. Our advice is strategic, not reactive. And it comes in on budget.

We believe in long-lasting relationships. We take the time to understand your business, your brand and the way you work. So we can give you the right advice at the right time.

We’re an extension of your team. We call it virtual in-house. We like regular calls and face-to-face meetings. And we don’t charge for them.

Our costs are competitive. We take a practical approach, so our fees are flexible, and we offer a range of charging models to suit you.

We go above and beyond. We offer a broad range of expertise and we can advise strategically because commercial implications are always top-of-mind.


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