Commercial Contracts

Great IP can still be ruined by a bad contract

It is all very well having amazing Intangible assets and managing them well – if you sign bad contracts your business will still struggle.

  • Many big disputes originate from bad contracts.
  • Many business losses could be avoided with better contracts.

Avoid the issues by being more proactive in this area.

These commercial issues are often inextricably linked to your IP and artificially separating them can cause problems.

Commercial Contracts
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Poachers turned gamekeepers

We are used to finding loopholes or arguments to get around contract terms – as experienced litigators specialising in contractual construction and interpretation, we do this all the time. We put that experience to good use - anticipating potential disputes and drafting tighter contracts for all our brand-owning clients.

Our solicitor team, led by Geoff Steward (ex-Macfarlanes Partner with over 25 years’ experience in commercial law), can assist clients with all of their day-to-day commercial needs, whether drafting simple/complex contracts, or providing interpretation/construction advice on contractual disputes that are brewing.



Our expertise

Our brand-first approach to Intangible Asset Management means we fully understand your business and your brand objectives, and so tailor your contracts to ensure a joined-up approach with your overall brand strategy. 

The type of contractual arrangements which we draft, negotiate and advise on include: 

  • Licensing
  • Franchising
  • Sponsorship
  • Agency
  • Supply & Distribution
  • Terms & Conditions


We also offer expert support in specialist areas such as:


  • IT and software
  • M&A IP due diligence
  • Global brand restructuring


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