Sep 21, 2021 11:35:00 AM
Stobbs Tier 1 Rankings Revealed!
Stobbs Tier 1 Rankings Revealed!

We like to do things differently at Stobbs. We believe that this unique approach resonates with our clients, and is the reason why so many amazing brands choose to work with us.

Following the success of our rankings in the Legal 500, the WTR and the IP Stars last year, we are thrilled to share our recent rankings which have surpassed our rankings last year. We are delighted to have been ranked in the Legal 500 as a Tier 1 firm in the categories of Trade Mark Attorney firms and Media and Entertainment firms. We are also overjoyed to have been ranked in the Brand Management section of the Legal 500 for London firms for the first time. Thank you to all of our clients for your support and positive comments!

The Legal 500 has also recognised key members of our team as being leading individuals in two separate categories. Our principal, Julius Stobbs has been recognised as a leading individual for Brand Management within London firms, with the Legal 500 commenting that he is a ‘ well-known industry figure and is regularly called to advise clients such as AG Barr and Jack Daniels on a broad range of  brand management issues’. Chris Sleep, our Senior Solicitor, has been acknowledged as a leading individual within Intellectual Property firms in East Anglia, with the Legal 500 noting that Chris and another member of the Stobbs team, Claire Sugden ‘ have good knowledge of the law and develop strong client relationships’.

We have also retained our top rankings with both Managing Intellectual Property and the World Trademark Review - our Tier 1 ranking for Trade Mark Prosecution Agencies in Managing Intellectual Property’s recent rankings of IP Stars, and our Highly Recommended status for World Trademark Review’s Trademark Attorney firms.

Perhaps the most telling point from all of our recent rankings, and something which speaks volumes to our unique approach and ethos, is the number of our trade mark attorneys and solicitors mentioned across all of these rankings, with each of their own unique skills being highlighted and recognised. These include Julius Stobbs, Emma Pettipher, Jessica Wolff, Louise Goodsell, Geoff Weller, Chris Hawkes, Chris Sleep, Victoria Leach, Harpreet Dhaliwal, Claire Sugden, Bruce Alexander, Claire Breheny, and Emma Reeve.

If you want to read everything about what the Legal 500, the WTR and the IP Stars had to say about us and key members of our team, please take a look at links below:

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