Who we are

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Stobbs Netherlands is the newly founded Dutch subsidiary of the award winning brand advisory company Stobbs in the United Kingdom.

Located in the creative, design and innovation heart of the Netherlands, we support startups, SMEs, international companies and multinationals in relation to all legal aspects of brand development, protection and enforcement.

We are experts in making sure that your brand can thrive without you having to worry about legal complexities. 

The Stobbs Netherlands team has an unparalleled experience as in-house counsel, having been responsible for the intellectual property portfolios of some of the world’s largest brand driven companies. This means that we understand that you are not looking for long analysis of complex legal issues, you are looking for clear direction and practical advice with a business mindset.

We thrive in the grey

but speak in black and white.

If you are

in need of legal support in relation to your brand such as trademark clearance, filing, opposition or litigation. And you are...

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a startup

that knows it should protect its brand and intellectual property, but you have no legal expertise and find that typical law firms are too expensive and don’t seem to understand your needs

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an SME

without in-house counsel or with an amazing in-house counsel who simply does not have experience with the complexities of intellectual property, looking for support to develop and implement a top-notch legal brand strategy

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a multinational
with relevant intellectual property experience that is in need of temporary support in relation to a big project or complex strategic advice

Get to know us

Meet Pieter van den Bulck, Founder and Director, and Gabriella Esmeraldo, IA Executive, who are based in the Netherlands and supported by Stobbs' outstanding team of brand experts in the UK. Together we advise strategically and holistically based on our unmatched breadth of expertise that makes us Stobbs Netherlands.
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Pieter Van Den Bulck

Pieter is the Founder and Director of Stobbs, Netherlands. You can find out more about him here.

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Gabriella Esmeraldo

Gabriella is an IA Executive in our Netherlands office. You can find out more about her here.

We provide the best advice,


with no agenda, no waffle, no jargon.

Where you can find us
The address of our Eindhoven office is...
Stobbs Netherlands B.V.
Kastanjelaan 400
5616 LZ Eindhoven
The Netherlands
Please get in touch with us via the following...

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