Oct 6, 2022 3:06:38 PM
The Legal 500 2023 rankings are in...
The Legal 500 2023 rankings are in...

It's that time of the year that every legal professional marks in their calendar- the release of the Legal 500 rankings. It's a rite of passage to share these with your professional community so please bear with us whilst we toot our own horn for a moment. 

We were happy to have achieved the highest rankings we have yet, receive some very kind feedback recognising our unique offering and niche within the industry and (most importantly) see so many members of our team formally recognised for their great work. 

It goes against the Stobbs DNA to be very self-congratulatory, so we will instead focus on the words of the Legal 500 researchers and our clients who provided feedback about us. A collection of some of the quotes we were pleased with (and will be memorising as soundbites) are below...


‘Stobbs is an exceptional firm of solicitors, delivering Magic Circle service at lower prices and with more flexibility. They are a lovely group of people, and are superb on trade mark litigation.'

‘A good mix of solicitors and trade mark attorneys of varying seniority, with a dedicated client team. We like the fact that Stobbs aren’t a traditional law firm and that they operate differently in every sense. They are very commercial but still good with the legal fundamentals.’

'A superb team and an excellent commercial litigation practice, particularly in sports law.'

'Extremely innovative, friendly and young team that is fresher and more modern than its rivals and a real pleasure to work with.'

'Bright hardworking team who are focussed on clients’ priorities at the best value.’

 'A real lesson in how to run a boutique firm, they have a London-style practice, run out of a Cambridge based IP boutique'. 

'First-rate in process, client service, depth of knowledge, global connection, pricing, innovation- they are brilliant on all fronts'. 

‘Innovative, forward thinking, strategically strong.'

 'Cutting edge advice on brand protection and other contentious IP matters'.

.'They are unquestionably market-leading in terms of their knowledge and experience in this area, and are particularly strong in emerging arenas such as NFTs and blockchain'.


You can see the full 2023 Legal 500 rankings here

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