July 14, 2015
Spot(ify) The Difference
Spot(ify) The Difference
Spotify’s recent change of the shade of green that it uses for its colour scheme has caused many users to take to social media in uproar. Whilst Spotify’s reason for the decision is unknown (the change introduced via a software update), what is clear is that users had come to strongly associate the lime green colour scheme with the brand. This case illustrates that consumers clearly find brand identity in colours and form an affinity with them based on their use. It is therefore advisable for brand owners with distinctive colour schemes to consider filing their trade marks in colour as well as black and white, so as to protect not only the logo in its basic form but also the overall look and feel of the brand. In doing so, brand owners will have a stronger case in preventing third parties from free-riding on an important, but sometimes overlooked, element of their brand identity.
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