December 15, 2015
Taylor Swift applies to Trade Mark “SWIFTMAS”
Taylor Swift applies to Trade Mark “SWIFTMAS”
On 3 December 2015, the pop star applied (via a rights management company) to the US Patent & Trade Mark Office (USPTO) to register the word mark SWIFTMAS. The singer is seeking to prevent others from using the word in relation to a number of retail and musical entertainment services and a wide range of merchandise from clothing to greeting cards. The term SWIFTMAS is an invented word apparently used by her fan base to describe the unexpected gifts and donations that the singer is known to make.  Whilst it should be possible to monopolise distinctive and unique terms such as this, provided that they are recognised as indicating Taylor Swift as the origin of the goods or services, the pop star may struggle to trade mark the other general song lyrics that she has also applied to register.  These include phrases such as AND I’LL WRITE YOUR NAME and A GIRL NAMED GIRL, the latter of which is rumoured to be the title of a forthcoming unpublished book. If granted protection, these trade marks will be added to her growing portfolio, which already includes her name, signature and initials.
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