July 20, 2023
A practical guide to intellectual property in the food industry
A practical guide to intellectual property in the food industry

Standing out in a crowded market

Having a robust brand identity which conveys the attractiveness, the provenance and quality of premium food products is key to securing and maintaining a competitive advantage.


Brand value

Having a truly distictive name is important if you want a unique and memorable identity.

Your brand may be your most valuable asset so consider registering a trade mark which secures exclusivity in your business name or logo.

You might have other valuable identifiers of your business such as a slogan or special name for your signature dish.

There are lots of ways to make the most of your food related brand value such as diversifying your product ranges, licensing collaborations or even producing cookware or recipe books!


Celebrity chefs

Chefs using their own name as part of a restaurant name or signature dish may find that their identity has become valuable. If the name you use becomes valuable, you might wish to sell or license it.

For this reason, it may be advantagous to keep your own personal identity seperate and to use a nickname or persona so this can be monetized seperately.



Copyright applies to original artwork such as any new photographs, sound recordings or multimedia content you create.


Trade secrets

Confidential information such as original recipes, pricing agreements with suppliers, or marketing databases may be valuable to your business.

Classify confidential information and ensure access to it is restricted to authorised personnel.

Make sure staff are trained in handling confidential information with appropriate diligence.



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